All Plywoods made by BVC meet the export standards CARB P2 which are in good quality, strength performance as every single layer used to make our plywood is uniform on thickness and size.

Common types of plywood can be used for pallets while standard plywood can be applied directly in interior decoration, office furniture, hospitals, laser engraving...

BVC wood materials come from domestic and foreign areas. Species like: Durian, Eucalyptus, Rubber… are mainly from Vietnam, while Poplar, Birch, Eucalyptus (Brazil) are imported from Euro, America…


Normal specifications of all types of our plywood are: Thickness: 3mm- 24 mm equal to 1/8" to around 1", Size: 1220mm x2440mm equal to 48" x 96", Number of layers: from 3 to 25 layers or more

  • Plywood made from domestic wood: Thickness from 3mm to 24mm, available in an extensive range of size, and can be adjusted to customer’s demand, high strength performance.
  • Plywood made from imported wood: Pass the export standard CARB P2 , 100% BVC plywood products glued by E0, E1, E
  • Plywood faced Veneer: We provide wide range of veneer species for this product, such as: Ash, Beech, Walnut, Birch, Poplar, Maple, Cherry, Sapele,Cedar…
  • Flooring: BVC are proudly introduce our first collection of flooring planks in outstanding quality and beautiful figures and design. 100% flooring planks of BVC used water-proof glue and meet the permitted level of Formaldehyde- ensuring the safety of the users.

Besides, we also provide additional services for customers such as:

  • UV coating services for the company's veneered plywood core flooring products.
  • Making "clicks" for plywood floors
  • Producing customized thickness and size of plywood for customer should quantity is enough