1. Factors affecting the cost of a veneer sheet

There are some factors affecting to the price of a veneer sheet. It depends on the size, thickness as well as the species of tree and the material that makes up the veneer.

  • Species: The price of Walnut veneer is now higher than the price of Oak veneer of similar size. Different species will have different values, usually hardwood trees will have a higher value than softwood one as it takes more time to growth and to get a specific diameter.
  • Size: Currently, Buon Ma Thuot veneer company provides 2 main veneer product lines: veneer sheets and jointed face veneer with standard dimensions: 1.22m x 2.44 m.

The veneer sheets are made in bundle with the same measurements. Normally, the smallest width would be 100mm and smallest length would be 1000m. However, depending on customer’s requirement, we would make adjustment and make tailored size should quantity is enough.

Picture: Walnut veneer sheets produced by Buon Ma Thuot veneer JSC

Jointed face veneers are those, jointed by our special glue. We make single veneer sheets stick together to create a bigger sheet with standard dimension of 1.22m x 2.44m or 1.3 m x 2.5 m or customized size.

Picture: A jonted faced veneer, made by grafting some single veneer sheets 

  • Thickness: thicknesses vary from 0.5mm - 2mm, or again we are willing to proceed to produce customized size.

2. Popular Veneer types

At different times, the consumer’s style will change in terms of color, material, wood texture... Currently, in addition to a number of domestic wood lines, it is widely known as pine, bamboo, teak... some imported woods such as Ash, Walnut or Oak are becoming more and more popular.

Here are some actual pictures of popular veneers manufactured and supplied by Buon Ma Thuot veneer:


                              Picture: veneer Sapele 



3. Outstand points of our Veneer sheets

As mentioned above, our company's veneer is commonly known under the name: Gia Lai plywood, the product line has built the trust of customers about good quality and competitive price, durable, spray paint on standard color…

In addition to the outstanding features of wood veneer in general, which is completely natural, preserving the beauty of the tree, Buon Ma Thuot veneer sheets also provides special texture of veneer sheets jointed by different way as below:

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